Closeup Image of polished vintage wood flooring at CFPA - Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rent Space

CFPA offers affordable space for rehearsals, public and private classes or gatherings, private studio or office space, and short-term housing (Airbnb). Rentals can be contracted on an occasional or regular basis.

Rehearsal & Workshop Space

Two rehearsal/teaching studios are currently available for rent on an hourly basis for rehearsals, workshops, classes, and performances. A third rehearsal room will be available spring 2021.

Private Studio & Office Space

CFPA currently houses 25 studios/offices (100–400 ft2), and will expand this pool of private spaces and  occupancy with the addition opening spring 2021. Interested in private space? Submit an inquiry and we will contact you about availability.


CFPA hosts traveling artists and visitors to Minneapolis in its top floor apartment. The loft is a comfortable living space with large open areas and private bedrooms.

Performance Space

The expansion includes two first-floor community spaces (1700-1900 ft2) for workshops, events, and performances, with access to a catering kitchen. Spaces will have sprung floors – one hardwood, one marley. Construction will finish spring 2021, and performance scheduling begins Feb/Mar.