CFPA - Center for Performing Arts - Minneapolis


The Center for Performing Arts (CFPA) is a creative ecosystem that supports artists and their work. We are dedicated to the vitality of the creative process, guided by the principle that art is stronger when shaped through divergent perspectives. CFPA supports a range of artists and practitioners to teach, workshop, and practice, creating a space where every human lives creatively, and every artist lives sustainably.






CFPA’s creative ecosystem flourishes through the intersection of disciplines, cultures, and identities. Our community’s offerings range from music and movement classes, to artist residencies and resources, to onsite bodywork and healing therapies.

CFPA is a community nexus. We provide physical space and support structures, and in exchange the community provides education, events, and artist development. These processes are guided by a network of creative minds, including tenants, artists, and the Performance Collective.

CFPA’s ecosystem constantly evolves to address the community’s unfolding needs. What are your needs?