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Workshop Space FAQ

Please note:  This FAQ regarding Sunroom & Chapel rental is for general informational use only. Rental contracts contain specific terms of use and a contract is required to use the space. In all cases, the lease contract terms prevail.

How do I rent space?

Will I need a key to access the building or the room?

The building and the door to your rented room will be open for you.

Where are the light switches for the rooms?

Sunroom: Immediately to the left when you walk in the door. There are also strings of lights installed that you are welcome to plug in (the outlets are near the plug ends of the strings.)

Chapel: Immediately to your right in the Chapel itself (not in the vestibule.)

Can the room temperature be adjusted?


No. Space heaters are available for the sunroom if needed – please contact for details. A new auxiliary heating unit was installed in the Chapel in Fall 2018, to supplement the radiators. It is set to keep the room at a constant temperature and does not need to be adjusted.

Air Conditioning:

Sunroom: In season, there is a remote control in the holder on the wall near the light switches to control the units. Simply point the remote at the unit, and press the power button. You will hear a “beep”, indicating that the unit is on. You may use both wall units – they must be turned on and off separately via the same remote control.

Chapel: The auxiliary heating/cooling unit in the wall is set to keep the room at a constant temperature and does not need to be adjusted.

Can the windows be opened during good weather?

Sunroom: Yes, but please triple check that you close and lock them all when you leave.

Chapel: There are no windows that open in the Chapel.

Is there a drinking fountain in the building?


Where are the restrooms?

Basement: At the bottom of the stairs off the rear parking lot, at the south/38th street end of the building.

First Floor: A fully-accessible restroom is just outside the Sunroom

Second Floor: There is a lounge and restroom at the top of the steps to the second floor at the Chapel end of the building. (This lounge/restroom can also be accessed from the Chapel directly, through the small door at the east [altar] end of the room.)

What do we do if there is a problem with a restroom?

There are light cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and a plunger in each restroom. If you encounter a recurring issue, please email

Are there chairs in the room?

Sunroom: There is a stack of white plastic folding chairs outside the room (to the right when you are entering the room, in the vestibule between the hall and the bathroom.) Please return them when you are finished, taking care that they are stacked in order and no higher than 50 chairs. The storage cabinet next to the chair rack must remain accessible to other tenants.

Chapel: There is a stack of white plastic folding chairs in the vestibule/entrance to the Chapel. Please return them when you are finished, taking care that they are stacked in order no higher than 50 chairs.

Do you have a sound system that we can use?

No. If you plan to amplify sound in the Sunroom, place your system on our acoustic mat to minimize vibrations transferred throughout the building. Please make arrangements to access the acoustic mat through The Chapel does not require the acoustic mat.

Are there any sound restrictions?

Please be respectful of the fact that CFPA is a full, active building. At any time of the day or night, there are music teachers, therapists, writers, and others at work with their students and clients. Please keep the Sunroom and Chapel doors closed while they are in use, and keep your voices low when you are in the hallways. Children must be supervised at all times.

Do we need to sweep or clean up at the end?

Please be courteous with the space and leave it as you found it. There are trash cans provided outside each room. Unless specifically instructed by the Managing Director due to the specific details of your rental, you do not need to sweep.

Is WiFi available?

Yes! Email for password access.

I forgot an item after my rental. Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes! There is a bank of lockers in the main first floor hallway, just outside the sunroom. The locker closest to the sunroom is labeled “Lost and Found.” The building is open 8 am–10 pm daily.

What if we have an emergency in the building?

If something is on fire or someone is hurt, please evacuate as appropriate and call 911.

If a toilet is overflowing, a window breaks, or a pipe bursts, call CFPA staff at 612-400-3379.

Is the building ever closed for holidays or weather emergencies?

When you request a space, provide a phone number where you can be reached at short notice. It is your responsibility to communicate any building-related last-minute changes to your students/collaborators.

Holidays: Any holiday closures are scheduled around existing room rentals.

Emergency Changes: Any emergency changes to the regular daily schedule of the building will be communicated to you, the renter, directly by the Managing Director, as soon as is possible.

Weather Emergencies: If weather is prohibitive or dangerous for travel and access to cfpa, cfpa will notify you that your session can be rescheduled at no additional charge. Any make-up sessions must occur within the term of the lease.

I have another my question about the room, or damage has occurred during my rental.

Jennie Ward  Managing Director

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