Closeup Image of polished vintage wood flooring at CFPA - Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rehearsal, Workshop & Class Space

Rent Large Studios for Classes, Workshops, Rehearsals, or Informal Presentations of Work

Two rehearsal/teaching studios are available for rent on an hourly basis.

We welcome new teachers, practices, and disciplines at CFPA. Please note that we actively curate the offerings here, to provide balance and breadth for our artists, students, and teachers. We require professional licensure, accreditation, and/or professional affiliation as recommended by discipline.


22’ × 50′

Windows on all four walls; full length mirrors; sprung dance floor. Originally served as the community room for Incarnation Convent. A light-filled, lively space. Fully ADA Accessible.


22’ × 34′

Stained Glass windows on three walls, 20 foot ceilings, original (1930s) pendant lights, original woodwork including slightly raised altar area. Originally the worship space for Incarnation Convent. A quieter, more private space. Not currently ADA accessible.