Closeup Image of polished vintage wood flooring at CFPA - Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota

ReClaim August Event: This Saturday @ 7:30 pm!

The Personal Politics of Place

with theater director and Fulbright Fellow Emily Mendelsohn

Saturday, August 18th
7:30-9 pm

Free art. Free parking. Free snacks.

Who is this free event for?
Anyone interested in exploring a creative process that investigates the intersections of identity, place and performance.

What will this event be like?
Theater maker Emily Mendelsohn has spent the past ten years investigating the making of cross-cultural performance, from Los Angeles and Brooklyn to Uganda and Rwanda. This work has helped her to identify key elements to support artists in 1) opening up their personal constellations of identity, history and culture (and everything else that creates our sense of “place”) – then 2) integrating what’s discovered/revealed into creative practice.  You, the audience, are invited to be a part of this art laboratory, and to explore the transformational potential – for artists and audiences – in understanding “where we are” as we strive to honor and envision who and where we want to be.

Emily Mendelsohn is a Brooklyn-based director for live performance. Through residencies in Kampala, Kigali, Los Angeles, New York, and New Orleans, she worked with an ensemble of  Ugandan/US (and sometimes Rwandan) artists to develop productions of Deborah Asiimwe’s Cooking Oil and Erik Ehn’s Maria Kizito. With Sage Lewis and Adolfo Madero, she curated a two year micro-festival between artists and independent arts organizations in Tijuana and Los Angeles. Other recent collaborators include Kristina Wong, Virginia Grise, PearlDamour, Caridad Svich, and Rachel Jendrzejewski. She is a recipient of TCG’s Global Connection In the Lab and On the Road programs, a Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs grant, and a Fulbright Fellowship to Uganda. MFA CalArts. She will be guest artist at NYU Abu Dhabi this upcoming fall.

CFPA’s ReClaim series is an assembly space to connect all kinds of audiences, artists, experiences, and stories. Our events explore the vitality and evolution of American identity, and the ways in which creative works reflect our lived experience (or not). Our events grapple with the stories we hear and see, the stories we make and tell, and the ways in which we are (or are not) changed by creative representations of our experiences. We support artists who engage fiercely with the complex and contradictory nature of the human experience. We support audiences who yearn for greater personal engagement between works of art and the daily life of our community. We assemble for lively questions, dynamic conversation, and to encourage new ways of understanding each other’s lives.

CFPA produces art events on the Third Saturday of every month. All events are free and open to the public.

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