Kingfield’s bread and pizza oven serves as community hub

CFPA was delighted to co-host another community gathering with the Kingfield Neighborhood Association on Friday, October 13th.

Friends, Kingfield neighbors, and members of the CFPA community caught up with each other over samples of fresh, gourmet pizza (the fresh peach and asiago version was particularly tasty) and enjoyed live performances by CFPA musicians Doug Rohde, Melissa Culloton, and CFPA Harmonic Sound and Energy Therapist Frank DiCristina.

Immediately following the garden event, Sound Artist (and friend of CFPA) David Means presented a retrospective recital, “The Curious Way”, featuring Camilla Hoitenga, Homer Lambrecht, and Georgia Stephens.

The Southwest Journal did a nice little writeup about our summer community event. You can read it here. We hope you’ll join us again next time!