Closeup Image of polished vintage wood flooring at CFPA - Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Rehearsal: ASDC and David Means

CFPA seeks always to create opportunities for connection and dialogue between artists and audiences, among artists across divergent practices, and through all arenas of human identity and experience. All artist residencies include opportunities for artists to engage with the public, offering text, images, presentation of research, videos . . . Any media that serves the artists’ process and invites conversation. Join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

What happens in a rehearsal room, when an artist or group of artists is building a work? 

April Sellers Dance Collective (ASDC) and David Means are two of our four artists who are in the thick of their residencies at CFPA.

ASDC in residence at cfpa 1 from April Sellers Dance Collective on Vimeo.

In this video, ASDC offers a glimpse into their rehearsal process for “Rumble Strips,” as they prepare for a public open rehearsal on Saturday, Nov 16th at 7:30 pm, at CFPA. “Rumble Strips” uses a witty sense of humor to challenge and engage political, social, and cultural realities: power, patriarchy, and the male-female binary. ASDC is working in residence at CFPA through June 2020.

Composer David Means (2016 McKnight Composition Fellow) is in the early stages of his New Works residency, building a piece currently titled “Forward Observer.” Centered around an infantry outpost in Vietnam and surgical hospital in Italy, David is working with musician Tom Kanthak, in a mentorship with choreographer Maureen Koelsch.

David offers the following description of the project:

“Two soldiers share a journey back to places of beauty and grace beset by war and
trauma. One is a chief’s son, surgical assistant, and musician. The other is a radioman,
architect, and storyteller. One serves in an Italian surgical hospital. The other in an
obscure outpost in Vietnam. Together they weave a reminiscence of freedom and
recovery amidst a tangle of destruction, injury and violence.”

David’s notes and drawings as he plans for how to locate the piece in cfpa’s Sunroom

The installation as a performance score

Instruments used in the piece.

Objects used in the piece.

David at work on the piece, in the sunroom.

David will present an excerpt of this developing piece (alongside the excerpts from the work of our two other New Works resident artists) at cfpa on Saturday, Dec 14th and Saturday, Dec 21st, at 7:00 pm.

All cfpa artist residencies reflect our commitment to providing space for performing artists to experiment, form connections, and develop new works. Our residencies offer access, sustenance, and open space to make work.