Space for Artists & Community

The Center has a vibrant history of supporting and activating artist-led performance, using art to stimulate thought, discussion, and on social justice and personal/cultural growth.

How? We provide artists sustainable access to the resources necessary to make and perform art—space, materials, compensation, and more—and bring community together to experience and be inspired by this art.

Vision for the Future

CFPA seeks to fully realize our vision by building a sustainable creative ecosystem that supports artists and artist-led works.

The Performance Collective is the pilot project actively testing and informing this ecosystem, in which artists share investment, resources, and risk. The Collective will help re-invigorate the Twin Cities performing arts community through a new financial model and expanded creativity, and will create opportunities for art-based dialogue, engagement, and empathy.


Current Challenges

Performance-based artists are uniquely skilled in evoking empathy, dialogue, and action, grounded in lived experience. This is a vital function in communities and culture, now more than ever. Yet artists face limited access to resources, collaborators, audiences, and—most critically—space in the current performing arts landscape.

In the U.S., the predominant financial model for artists is patronage, which influences what art gets made, for whom, and by whom. Artists need opportunities to explore without expectation of outcomes, to experiment not knowing where their process will take them. This is how artists grow their practice and advance the field—and this is the need our community faces now.

How You Can Help

We are opening new revenue streams to support the Performance Collective and expand our shared space, with a goal to raise $1.5M between 2020–2022. We are currently seeking $250,000 to support the Collective’s work, and an additional $250,000 for physical assets necessary to make and perform art.

Interested in giving? Contact Executive Director Jackie Hayes.