Local Community Organizations

Local Community Organizations

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Learning specialist – private tutoring for children K-6
I use my experience and many trainings to individualize tutoring, especially for children who struggle with reading, spelling, writing, math and executive functioning. I incorporate a positive, fun and problem solving approach to learning challenges that encourages perseverance and developing confidence.
Studio: 203
Phone: 612-669-3210

Nonprofit Neighborhood Organization
KFNA works to support and promote the common good and welfare of the neighborhood. Membership is open to all residents and business owners in Kingfield. The KFNA Board demonstrates and encourages neighborhood leadership, provides a forum for community participation, and a structure to promote the vision and aspiration of the neighborhood. Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director / Cheryl DeGroff, Project Organizer
Studio: 101
Phone: 612.823.5980

Sufi Community and Education
Experiential Sufism/Islam, Multifaith Mysticism. We use music, movement, prayer, breathing, study, and nature experience to explore sacred paths for moving higher and deeper, alone and in community.
Studio: B2

Community-based Food Justice
Neighborhood Roots is the organization that brings you the Fulton, Kingfield and Nokomis Farmers Markets! OUR MISSION: To bring neighbors together to buy, eat and learn about local food. We support local farmers and small businesses, promote vibrant community and effect important changes in food and agriculture policy
Studio: 104