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Bea has a RN, BSN, CCRN, and is a BBHS Practitioner
As a Barbara Brennan energy healing practitioner, I provide hands-on healing that works with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Studio: 209
Phone: 952-594-2703
Counseling individuals, couples and families. Also taught at Metro State 20 years in psychology and sociology.
Eclectic narrative approach to counseling. Specialties:. trauma, artists, women, abnormal psychology, adolescents, class straddlers and cross-class couples. Art, Drama and Music therapy groups. Stop by if my door is open!
Studio: 205
Phone: 612-242-1007
Upright & Electric Bass Lessons, Music Theory, Improvisation
Kameron's approach to private lessons is student-centered, grounded in applying instruction to musical styles and concepts that the student is interested in. Since the bass is a versatile and often essential instrument in music, these lessons provide comprehensive instruction in multiple styles from jazz to classical, country to hip hop, and everything in between.
Studio: 105
Neuromuscular/Neurosomatic Integration and Visceral Manipulation Bodywork
Rebalancing and reteaching muscular and organ function to align the structure at its best.
Studio: 211
Cello and chamber music instruction
Tom is a member of the Minnesota Opera Orchestra and a freelance musician. He has over twenty years experience of teaching. He uses Dounis techniques, the Suzuki method and traditional techniques to bring his students to their highest level of musicianship while having fun at the same time. Students are given many opportunities throughout the year to perform in a nurturing, non-competitive community atmosphere. Tom studied at UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and with George Neikurg in Boston.
Studio: 106
Intuitive Advisor
I offer strategic insights, useful answers and practical advice for navigating life’s most interesting situations.
Studio: 102
Phone: 612-910-2417
Reiki Healing and Tarot Spiritual Guidance
Reiki Healing is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing.  I use tarot as a tool in spiritual direction.
Studio: 102
Phone: 612-323-4224
Bringing the best of international publishing to North America
We work with several international publishers, bringing their books to the U.S.: literary fiction & nonfiction, poetry, popular science, graphic guides, and more.
Studio: 100
Phone: 612-695-0611
Guitar, Songwriting and Music Theory
Ben brings years of experience in writing, performing, recording and teaching music to his students. His approach to teaching is very spontaneous and flexible, and his easy going personality, enthusiasm and wide ranging experience make him the perfect teacher for students of all styles, ages and skill levels. Anyone with a desire to learn will enjoy and benefit greatly from lessons with him.
Studio: 103
Sound Healing, Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystal Therapy, Aura Photo
I use Sound Healing/Therapy with Singing Bowls and Gongs as well as Reiki/Healing Touch with crystals. I can do Aura photo readings as well. This allows me to bring the body/mind back into balance in a non-evasive way.
Studio: B6
Phone: 612-384-1334
Suzuki Harp
Suzuki harp instruction for students age 3 – 18. Program includes individual lessons, group classes and concerts, studio recitals, field trips and other special events. Faculty: Phala Tracy: BM, Oberlin Conservatory of Music; MFA, California Institute of the Arts. Phala is a Suzuki harp teacher trainer, and also teaches at Gustavus Adolphus College. Kathy Kienzle: BM, The Juilliard School; MM, University of Arizona. Kathy is a Suzuki harp teacher trainer, and also teaches at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg College.
Studio: 107
Emotional Release Bodywork, Doula Service, Tarot Spiritual Guidance
Healing Arts by Christine Michelle offers Emotional Release Bodywork: a hands-on technique which engages the client's inner landscape to connect with their true self and inner child. Christine is also a full-spectrum doula and tarot reader.
Studio: 200
Phone: 605-940-8818
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Healing Touch is a relaxing nurturing energy therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Studio: Chapel
Phone: 612-865-8941
Supportive, inclusive psychodynamic therapy for adults for adults dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, life.
Studio: 208
Phone: 612-798-1686
Middle Eastern Dance/Raqs Sharki "Belly Dance"
Teaching since 2014, Katie Sahar's Middle Eastern Belly Dance classes are open to anyone regardless of age, size, fitness ability, or dance experience. Belly dance is a fun way to connect with your body while also learning about new cultures and music. Classes are in a fun, upbeat, body positive environment where students are encouraged to learn this elegant art form in a way that helps them express their best selves.
Studio: Chapel
Yoga, meditation, stress reduction and life coaching
By learning to pay attention to the subtle we find the best practice for ourselves.
Studio: sunroom
Sufi Community and Education
Experiential Sufism/Islam, Multifaith Mysticism. We use music, movement, prayer, breathing, study, and nature experience to explore sacred paths for moving higher and deeper, alone and in community.
Studio: B2
Modern Dance
MotionArt’s mission is to share the art of dance and the joy of movement with people of all ages and abilities through our classes, workshops and performances. We strive to enrich lives by fostering creativity, body awareness, and self expression in a fun, non-competitive, welcoming environment.
Studio: Sunroom
Phone: 612-990-6019
Nia - Dance fitness for the body, mind and spirit
I believe that everybody can move and dance. And through the movements of a Nia class we can be healthier, stronger, happier, more joyful. Nia is a fitness practice that is more than just a work-out. Nia conditions, energizes, calms and nourishes every part of you—body, mind, emotions and spirit. I teach 4 classes a week at Center for Performing Arts, drop-ins are welcome, $5 for your first Nia class.
Studio: Sunroom
Piano, classical, popular music, jazz, improvisation
I teach piano both "by the book" and "by ear" because today's students need to be able to do both. I am mostly self-taught but has been fortunate to have some great teachers, notably saxophonist and improv method guru Jerry Bergonzi, and Music At 10,000 Lakes artistic director Liz Wolff.

In addition to being a lifelong freelance musician, I have served as music director for Collide Theatrical Dance Company and Interact Center For the Visual and Performing Arts. I am on the board of directors of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association, where I led the development of their Popular Styles exam program, and am an active member of the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs.
Studio: B5
Phone: 612-234-5395
I teach beginning piano lessons for all ages as well as continuing studies for intermediate to advanced students. Instruction is also available for jazz students of any level with an intermediate piano background. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of music and I’m interested in teaching anyone who wants to learn.
Studio: B1
Phone: 612-812-8256
Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner
In a Rosen Method Movement class I guide the group through a series of enjoyable, light-hearted movements accompanied by music. Gentle and unhurried, the movements are both preventative and rehabilitative, and work to support connection to yourself and to others. Rosen Movement, as created by physical therapist Marion Rosen, utilizes range of motion movements for the joints and movements for stretching muscles.
Studio: Sunroom
Phone: 612-242-6646
Massage Therapy
I provide Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Thai Massage. All session are designed to be deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic to unwind chronic or acute pain, reduce stress, and improve body awareness and ease in movement.
Studio: 200
Phone: 612-423-2824
Chamber Music Ensemble
A premier chamber ensemble in the Twin Cities, The Bakken Trio has won prestigious McKnight Artist Fellowships, received Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Awards, garnered support for its two CD’s from the American Composers Forum, and performed over 20 seasons of music. The Bakken musicians have always performed a diverse repertoire including classics, unusual works by old and new composers and world premieres that demonstrate their ability to thrive in difficult and seldom-traveled waters.
Studio: 202
Music Therapy. Lindsay Markworth, MMT, MT-BC, Director.
Lindsay practices a creative, music-centered approach to music therapy where music is used to build a relationship and promote health and developmental growth through playing instruments, singing, listening to music and writing songs. Lindsay specializes in working with people with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Studio: 105
Phone: 651-353-2903
Scottish Highland Dance
My Scottish Highland dance classes are for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. My classes are designed for students to learn and appreciated the culture of Scottish Highland dancing.
Studio: Chapel
Violin and Viola Suzuki Lessons
I am trained as a Suzuki teacher and love starting students as young as 3 years old, through the Suzuki triangle (teacher, student, and parent). In addition to weekly private lessons I teach "almost" weekly group classes for the development of ensemble playing and peer relationships.
I am however just as happy to work with new students of all ages and levels. **visit for more info on the Suzuki method.
Studio: B3
Phone: 612-702-0607
Zumba Fitness
Our Zumba classes feature fitness, fun and toning while you dance to rhythms from all over the world! Classes are geared to ALL ages and fitness levels. Join us for Zumba Fun and Fitness in the neighborhood! Your first class is FREE!
Studio: Sunroom
Phone: 612-834-2793