Artists Working at CFPA

Sun Mee Chomet (Studio 203) is working on a movement-theater piece exploring how trauma is held in and moves through the body. As part of The Playwrights’ Center 2019-20 McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship, she was granted funds to develop new work. This is one of her passion projects.

Kat Purcell (Studio B4; 2018 Resident Artist) is an artist working on hand-knotting a 30-foot net, which will be “wearable” in a way that hooks the net underneath one arm. The idea is to unfurl it in a grand entrance. Materials are hemp twine, tarred twine, nettle and milkweed fibers, and found fabric. The process of weaving a net is key to their ancestry. They’re learning netcraft and knot techniques specific to Ireland and Wales, tapping into the aesthetics of the working class and “art brut”.