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Artist Reflections: Beth Ann Powers

Beth Ann Powers is a Twin Cities theater artist, in residence at cfpa this spring as part of our Works in Process artist residency. Beth Ann has excavated her personal relationship with mental illness and recovery, and investigated how durational/endurance performance can create space for an audience to find themselves in a piece. Her mentor for this project has been Kira Obolensky.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those solely those of the artist. More about Beth Ann here.


The process of creating this piece has been one of taking the extremely internal (and thus largely invisible) aspects of my experiences of depression and externalizing them.  I am trying to physically put my body through what my brain experiences on a daily basis. This has been found through a lot of trial and error: finding what movements feel familiar and then using the tools of duration and endurance to push them to a truthful extreme. I have been challenged, more than ever before, to put my writer’s brain on the back burner and try to tune into my own emotions and follow where they lead. This has not always been easy. Duration, as it turns out, is pretty exhausting, especially when it is so intertwined with depression, which (surprise!) is also exhausting.

It can be a frustrating place to live, but also an incredibly cathartic one. Forcing myself to live honestly in and with my illness in this way has helped me process and view it in a new way. I am working towards a point where the healing I have found through this process is healing that I can extend to the audience.

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