April Sellers and cfpa: Long-term Residency Announced

cfpa and April Sellers Dance Collective to embark on a nine-month residency to build new work and to deepen artistic process.

“Choreographer April Sellers has developed new work out of cfpa for 18 years,” said cfpa Executive Director Jackie Hayes. “Time and space are incredibly valuable (and scarce) resources; with time and space, an artist can create enough stillness to listen, to excavate voice and vision, and to apply artistic skills and experience towards making an artwork. We are so pleased to continue investing in April and ASDC with this long-term residency.”

The residency will begin in September 2019 and continue through May 2020. “I have often returned to cfpa to develop the next evolution of my voice,” said ASDC choreographer April Sellers. “I have created my most significant works here, taught classes to youth here, led community workshops, and rehearsed as a performer. . . cfpa has given me a place to grow as an artist over time: a safe, radical art haven to explore a feminist voice in movement. . . . The cfpa leadership team cultivates an environment for questions, for challenges, for protest. They embrace the exploration of the anarchist voice. At the times when I have needed a safe place to go deep into the most vulnerable parts of myself and to take the biggest risks in my community process, cfpa has invested in me.”

Center for Performing Arts is delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with April Sellers by co-creating a long-term residency program, during which the April Sellers Dance Collective will:

  • create, rehearse, and present portions of a new work (as part of cfpa’s ReClaim series);
  • develop and teach a workshop for other artists;
  • distribute a vlog of reflections on rehearsals and the building of a new work. (This vlog is made possible through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.)

Formed by April Sellers in 2000, the April Sellers Dance Collective (ASDC) is nationally recognized for their gender-bending, feminist-infused performances. Led by Sellers’ choreography and fueled by community participation, the ASDC’s work has long explored sexual identity (Jousting, 2014 and In Her Place, 2000), queer feminism (Big Baby, 2014 and Double Drag, 2015), and the vulnerability of the body (The V Project, 2007).  ASDC celebrates complex expressions of gender and identity in their highly crafted performances.

For more information about cfpa artist residencies, please visit HERE.