Announcing: Keith Hennessy Workshop

The Performance Collective, located at cfpa, is excited to welcome Keith Hennessy to the Twin Cities for a movement workshop, January 31st-Feb 1st, 2020.

Dancing Magic Together, a.k.a. responding to the material and psychological terrorism of neoliberal capital during a political era of intensified polarization with rigorously playful approaches to shared dancing, ritual, healing, and performance. 

Intuition. Synchronicity. Logic. Queer logic. Decolonial practices that increase our listening and reject stress. Play and science.  Participants will explore the poetics, politics, and potentials of creating a shared world by dancing together. How can bodies and imaginations be decolonized and healed? How can dancing respond to anxiety and trauma? How do we develop tools for non verbal and improvised negotiations of consent and collaboration?

Keith describes his workshops by saying, “All kinds of things can happen . . . Some events or exercises or sessions might really flow and connect. Others will disrupt or redirect flow. Creating gaps that need to be bridged or jumped. I come in with a few ideas, a virtual suitcase of accumulated exercises and scores, and then I improvise. And collaborate. The participants’ desires and experiences will shape our conversations and inform my proposals.”

This workshop is motivated and inspired by queer feminist and anti-racist critique, actual and fantasy witchcraft, bodily sensations-impulses-desires, anti-systemic and indigenous struggles-perspectives-practices, and the experimental margins of dance and other arts.

photo: Marc Seestaedt

Register HERE.

Friday, January 31, 2020
Workshop 3-8 pm

Saturday, February 1st
Workshop 12-5:30 pm
8-9:30 pm Public Event: a community convening with Keith. (All workshop participants attend presentation.)

Note: this is a 10-hour workshop, and includes the public event.

Workshop will take place at the Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55409.

Registration Fees
Sliding Scale $60-$100
Payment plans are available.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Register HERE.

photo: Robbie Sweeny

Keith Hennessy is a San Francisco-based award-winning performer, choreographer, teacher and organizer.  As Artistic Director of Circo Zero, he has built a laboratory for live performance which functions as a public laboratory for investigations of spiritual, artistic, sexual, and political concerns, while evolving performance language and building community through collaboration.

This workshop is part of The Performance Collective’s ReClaim series, which explores the vitality and evolution of American identity, and the ways in which creative works reflect our lived experience (or not). We engage fiercely with the complex and contradictory nature of the human experience, and we assemble for lively questions, dynamic conversation, and new understanding.

The Performance Collective is fiscally-sponsored through Springboard for the Arts‘ Incubator Program. All income from this workshop supports the work of local performing artists through residencies, public presentations, and workshops from nationally-recognized performance-based artists.