Performance Collective

Performance-based artists are uniquely skilled in evoking empathy, dialogue, and action, grounded in lived experience. This is a vital function in communities and culture, now more than ever. In response, the Performance Collective has emerged.


Racism, classism, ableism, and gender/sexuality biases often place artists in inequitable systems of patronage, donation, and volunteerism. The Collective is building a new artworking system, driven by artists. By cross-pollinating processes from a range of non-/for-profit business models, the Collective creates blended community investment through diverse revenue, artist sustainability, and flexibility in responding to evolving community needs.

Members of the Collective are local artists, employed to develop community relationships and programming. Members may be affiliated with other performance entities, but each is an individual within the Collective. There is no expectation Collective members be at a certain career level.

The Performance Collective reorients resource and funding systems to support creative, financial sustainability for artists. It is committed to developing mechanisms that cultivate diversity of voice, experience, and perspective. The Collective continues the legacy of inventive resilience that’s sustained the Center for Performing Arts community for 25 years.

Over 2020, local artists AnaSofía Villanueva and Kory LaQuess Pullam will be iterating this model with us, using their skills and knowledge to help launch the Collective broadly in 2021. Want to learn about this model? Interested in being a part of the Collective’s growth?

Grow With Us

CFPA is currently raising funds to expand the Collective’s programming and our shared spaces, creating opportunities for art-based dialogue, engagement, and empathy. Learn how you can help support this creative ecosystem:



2020 Works-in-Process

José A. Luis, Megan Meyer, Margaret Ogas
Fall 2020 Residency
Presentations TBA


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